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Profiling 10 Legends of the NHL

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Gordie Howe

DOB: March 31, 1928
Birthplace: Floral, SK
Seasons Played: 26
Position: Right Wing
Hall of Fame induction: 1972

#9--- Gordie Howe ---#9
  • Gordie Howe finished top 5 in league scoring for an incredible 20 years straight between 1948 and 1969.
  • Gordie suffered from a mild case of dyslexia and due to this was picked on a lot as a kid.
  • In Howes first two games as a rookie at age 18, he manage to score 1 goal and got in two fights.
  • Gordie Howe was ambidextrous and therefore had the ability to shoot and carry the puck either left handed or right handed. That along with his incredible strength allowed his to break down the ice from from either side.
  • Maurice Richard who was known as a tough cookie himself challenged the rookie Howe one night and found himself on the ice knocked out cold from one shot from Howe.
  • Howe has one of the greatest and possibly truest nicknames in the game "Mr Hockey".
  • Gordie Howe shared the same jersey number as fellow NHL greats Maurice Richard and Bobby Hull. Number 9.
  • Gordie Howe played on a line in Detroit with the great Ted Lindsay and Sid Abel, known as the "Production Line". That name was well deserved as the three finished 1-2-3 in league scoring in 1949. Howe help lead the Red Wings to 4 Stanley Cups and 7 straight first place finishes.
  • Gordie Howe would habitually spend 30 minutes after each practice on the ice by himself shooting pucks at an open net.
  • One night in a playoff game against Toronto Maple Leafs, Gordie decided he was going to lay a check on Leaf great Teeder Kennedy. Kennedy saw Howe approaching and stopped quickly, Gordie crashed into the boards hard. Gordie was taken off the ice bloodied and out of it. The next few hours were critical for Howe as surgery was preformed to relieve the pressure on Howes brain. The operation was fortunately as success and weeks later he was well enough to step onto the ice for the ceremony as the Detroit Red Wings accepted the Stanley Cup.
  • Howe had a rule later in his career never to eat anything after noon hour on a game day.
  • Howe had a reputation for his physical toughness and viscious elbow.
  • Howe had his highest point total of his career at the age of 40, tallying an amazing 103 total points in the 1968-69 season.
  • At 43 years of age and after two years of retirement Gordie was able to fulfill a wish that he started thinking about a few years prior, he would play professional hockey on a team with his two sons. Gordie came out of retirement to join Marty and Mark in the WHA with the Houston Aeros and what an impact he made, averaging around a 100 points per season in his first three season with the team. Howe was also selected the WHAs league MVP in 1974 at age 46.
  • At age 51 Gretzky played one final season in the NHL with the Hartford Whalers where he played every game in the 80 game schedule. He was also selected to play in the all-star game by coach Scotty Bowman where he would share the ice with two other stars in the twilight of their career Phil Esposito and Jean Ratelle. There was also another future hall of famer sharing the ice with those legends that night, rookie Wayne Gretkzy. (Gretzky wore the number 9 all through his minor career in homage but when he got to the NHL #9 was taken so the coach suggested he wear #99)
  • Over his career he led the NHL 6 times in scoring and won the Hart trophy as league MVP 6 times as well.
  • Gordie Howes career spanned over 5 decades, playing a record total of 33 seasons and 2421 games of professional hockey. He still holds the record for most career goals, 975. Before Gretzky, Howe held many other career records but the Gordies good friend "The Great One" managed to break most of them.

Gordie Howe image


NHL Teams

Detroit Red Wings
Hartford Whalers

Gordie Howe Career Stats

(regular season)
Games Goals Assists Points
1767 801 1049 1850
Games Goals Assists Points
157 68 92 160


Trophy Collection

6 Hart
6 Art Ross
12 First Team all-star
9 Second Team all-star
4 Stanley Cup Rings

early Gordie Howe image