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Jacques Plante Image

Jacques Plante

DOB: January 17, 1929
Birthplace: Mont Carmel, QB
Seasons Played: 17
Position: Goalie
Hall of Fame induction: 1972

#1--- Jacques Plante ---#1
  • Jacques Plante began his NHL career in 1952 with the Montreal Canadiens, the team for which he would play the most seasons in his career.
  • Jacques Plante was the first goalie in the NHL to practice the art of diving out of the net and covering up loose pucks. He is also credited with being the first goalie to skate behind the net to play the puck, as well as raising his hands over his head to alert his defensemen of an icing.
  • Plante was a very anti-social guy and would never hang out with fellow players before or after games. When the other guys would go out for beers, Plante would prefer stay in the hotel room and answer fan mail. On the team bus, Plante would alway sit at the very front away from the other players and coaches.
  • On November 1,1959 Plante took a slapshot from Andy Bathgate in the face, after receiving medical attention he returned to the ice wearing a goalie mask that he had been trying out in team practices. Coach Toe Blake was furious that Plante was wearing it but with no other goalie to play, Blake had no choice but to allow it. When Jacques told the coach that he intended to keep wearing the mask Blake again refused to allow it until eventually he agreed the mask could be worn until the injury healed. While wearing the mask the Montreal Canadiens went on a 18 game winning streak, finally Jacques took off the mask at Blakes request and the Canadiens lost the game. Following the loss, Blake agreed to allow Plante to continue wearing the mask.
  • Plante continued to work on the design of his mask and soon after other goalies followed suit and began wearing one as well. Plante had a hand in designing masks for many of the other goalies in the league.
  • Between 1956-60 Jacques Plante won 5 straight Vezina Trophies.
  • His nickname was Jake 'the Snake' Plante.
  • Plante initially retired in 1965 but was then coaxed out of retirement for the 1968-69 season to play with the St Louis Blues. He played the season sharing goalie duties with Glenn Hall and the pair took the Blues to the Stanley Cup finals. They didnt win the cup but the pair did share the Vezina trophy. He played another five seasons between St Louis, Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins before finally retiring from the NHL.
  • Plante then decided to make a move to the WHA and took a position as General Manager of the Quebec Nordiques. After only one season as GM Plante had the bug again to get between the pipes so he played a final season with the Edmonton Oilers of the WHA and retired from hockey at the age of 46.
  • Plante died from stomach cancer at February 27, 1986 at the age of 57.
  • Montreal Canadiens retired his jersey #1 in 1995.

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Jacques Plante Career Stats

(regular season)
Games Wins Losses Ties
837 434 246 147
Games Wins Losses Ties
112 71 37 o

.614 regular season winning pct.
.657 playoff winning pct.
2.38 GAA (regular season)
2.17 GAA (playoff season)
82 regular season shutouts
14 playoff shutouts


NHL Teams

Montreal Canadiens
New York Rangers
St Louis Blues
Toronto Maple Leafs
Boston Bruins

image of Jacques Plante

Trophy Collection

7 Vezina
1 Hart