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Who is the more skilled player?

hockey trivia
Who scored the very first ever recorded NHL goal?

NHL Trivia

You think you know hockey? Take our nhl trivia challenge and find out!

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#1 Who was the first goalie to wear a mask in an NHL game?

#2 who were the only other 2 players in the wayne gretzky era to wear sweater number 99

#3 What Canadian city hosts the hockey hall-of-fame?

#4 Who is the youngest captain to lead his team to a Stanley Cup championship?

#5 Which city became the first American city to be awarded an NHL franchise?

#6 Which player has scored the most goals for a left winger in nhl history.

#7 What team is also known as "The Habs"?

#8 Who scored the very first ever recorded NHL goal?

#9 Which suggestion did Patrick Roy make when voicing his opinion about how to increase scoring in the game?

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