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Which Canadiens legend was quoted as saying "someday I will score more goals than your father did"

NHL Trivia

You think you know hockey? Take our nhl trivia challenge and find out!

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#1 The NHL record for hardest slapshot was recorded in 1993 by Al Iafrate at 105.2 mph. How fast have speed guns reportedly clocked Bobby Hull at?

#2 Which referee holds the record for the most appearances in a Stanley Cup Finals?

#3 Which player holds the highest points-per-game average in league history?

#4 On average, how many NHL pucks are used in an NHL game?

#5 Who is the only head coach in NHL history to win back to back stanley cup championships but with a different team?

#6 What Canadian city hosts the hockey hall-of-fame?

#7 How many games did Don Cherry play in the NHL?

#8 Which team is the farm team for Montreal Canadiens?

#9 How many shots on net did it take for Gretzky to score 92 goals?

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