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Who will be the most improved team in the 2016-17 season?

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Which decade did Gordie Howe join the NHL?

NHL Trivia

You think you know hockey? Take our nhl trivia challenge and find out!

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#1 In what decade did the Toronto Maple Leafs win 5 Stanley Cups?

#2 who were the only other 2 players in the wayne gretzky era to wear sweater number 99

#3 What team is also known as "The Habs"?

#4 When Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds drafted Wayne Gretzky to play in the Ontario Hockey Association. He originally wanted to wear the number "9" because of what Hockey Great.

#5 Which organization did Forbes magazine name as the most valuable hockey franchise in the world in 2005?

#6 Which player was offered the position of Governor General of Canada in 1994?

#7 Which referee holds the record for the most appearances in a Stanley Cup Finals?

#8 Who is the only head coach in NHL history to win back to back stanley cup championships but with a different team?

#9 This eccentric Maple Leafs owner attempted to defy the rule that players names must be displayed on their jersey by putting the names in the same color as the jersey making it invisible?

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