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With the exception of Bobby Orr (who would have to win hands down), who is the next greatest Boston Bruin of all time?

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This eccentric Maple Leafs owner attempted to defy the rule that players names must be displayed on their jersey by putting the names in the same color as the jersey making it invisible?

NHL Trivia

You think you know hockey? Take our nhl trivia challenge and find out!

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#1 What sport was the idea of goalie pads adapted from?

#2 Which referee holds the record for the most appearances in a Stanley Cup Finals?

#3 who were the only other 2 players in the wayne gretzky era to wear sweater number 99

#4 Which of the following describes the Ottawa Senators logo?

#5 Which goalie holds the record for facing the most shots in a single season?

#6 Which suggestion did Patrick Roy make when voicing his opinion about how to increase scoring in the game?

#7 Who was the favorite player of Mario Lemieux when he was growing up in Montreal?

#8 Which team did Conn Smythe become a part owner of in 1926/27?

#9 How many shots on net did it take for Gretzky to score 92 goals?

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