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Who was the first recipient of the Conn Smythe Trophy in 1965?

Who is the most valuable player in the league today?

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Posted: 2011-12-06 13:33:47 Posted by: hattrick
Im putting my money on Jonathan Toews. Not only is he leading the league in goals right now but he is also an excellent 2 way player and a natural leader

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 Toews is no doubt a great player, but I still put my money on Sidney Crosby! To see him come back as strongly as he has after being out 13 months from concussion proves how truly amazing this kid is!!

 Now that Sid the Kid is back and playing the way that he is, I gotta give the nod to him.

 how can you say Crosby, he missed the first quarter of the season and the team still managed to be at the top of the standings. To me a league MVP is a guy that when he is out of the line up, the team struggles and then when he is in the game they improve drastically. That is the the case with Crosby.

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